Fitness Lifting Bar - 1500lbs Test
Fitness Lifting Bar - 1500lbs Test
Lifting Bar - 1500lb Test
Gronk Fitness Lifting Bar - 1500lbs Test. Gronk Fitness logo on the side.
Gronk Fitness Lifting Barbell - 1500lb Test. Gronk Fitness logo shown from side.
Gronk Fitness Lifting Bar - Close Up
Gronk Fitness Lifting Barbell
Fitness Lifting Bar - 1500lbs Test

Fitness Lifting Bar - 1500lbs Test

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This Gronk Fitness bar is the everyday go-to-bars no matter what you are training for (weightlifting, power lifting and fitness enthusiast). The 28mm bar represents a level of precision military grade engineering to date- 10 bearing, 216,000 PSI, 1500lb weight capacity.

This Alloy Steel 45lb bar is made with a hardened chrome finish and comes with a double ring and no centre knurling. The ends includes plastic cap to show off our signature Gronk logo.

Bronze bushings, high flexibility of the bar and a clamping system inside each collar and flexible enough for Olympic lifting.


Tensile Strength: 216,000 PSI

Warranty: LIFETIME Guarantee against bending

1. Shaft diameter 28 mm.

2. Total length 2200 mm.

3. Weight 20 kg.

4. Low Carbon steel (we cannot say the exact species).

5. Sleeve diameter 50 mm.

6. Olympic Knurling with different input and output points.

7 High whip.

8 Clamping patented system inside each collar.

9. Totally chrome.

10. Industrial lubrication liquid inside the collars.

11. CNC Machinered.

12. Perfectly balanced and weighted.

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